What Are Hybrid Mattresses & What Makes Them Unique?

What Are Hybrid Mattresses & What Makes Them Unique?

The mattress industry is booming, with increasing numbers of folks looking for quality sleep to fuel their energy levels. With nearly ten different mattress types to choose from, there are arguably no grounds that the industry hasn’t covered to suit the sleepers' ultimate desires.

One relatively new innovation is hybrid mattresses, which are becoming increasingly popular amongst the mattress manufacturers that are trying to maintain a competitive edge. As sleepers are seeing these quality mattresses being advertised as “better than” traditional memory foam or innerspring mattresses, one may wonder - what are hybrid mattresses, and what makes them so great?

Basically, they are a fusion of the best qualities of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. Want to know more? Read our full article where we explain the hybrid mattress features while breaking down their pros and cons.

What Are Hybrid Model Mattresses Made Of?

Hybrid mattresses assemble two or more support systems into one mattress, typically memory foam or latex with an innerspring system. By combining the best of two worlds, hybrid models combine the ultimate benefits of coils and at the same time cancel out the disadvantages of those traditional, innerspring mattresses. This means that you’d be falling asleep onto a surface that’s soft and firm in all the right places and offers improved support for a great night’s sleep. 

What Are the Parts of a Hybrid Mattress?

Many hybrid mattresses, if not all, are made of several components. Let’s take a look.

Base Layer 

This part of a hybrid mattress is usually made of memory foam, and depending on the manufacturer, is either an inch or two thick. Its primary function is to provide stability, sturdiness, and padding to the mattress. 

Support Core

The reason behind the hybrid mattress’ bulkiness is the support core, which consists of pocket-wrapped coils for spinal support. These boost the overall height of the mattress by seven to eight inches. 

Top Layer 

This is the layer that you directly lie on, a layer that feels as if your body is being embraced. Around three to four inches, the layer is made from cushioning components such as latex or memory foam, and sometimes cooling gel. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattress?


Cooling Technology

Most hybrid mattresses contain a cooling gel, which is found in different shapes and forms like microbeads, swirled, or poured gel, and it draws body heat away from hot sleepers, dissipating it throughout the mattress. How does it work? Well, manufacturers fuse this cooling gel with a phase-change material that releases energy at phase transition to allow cooling. Provided that the combination of gel with phase-change materials impact temperature regulation, manufacturers infuse this cooling technology into the top layers of the mattresses. The most fascinating part is that the gel never loses its shape, keeping sleepers cool throughout many sweaty nights.

Low Motion Transfer 

Thanks to its shock-absorbing properties, memory foam in hybrid mattresses has excellent motion isolation. This means that the chances of your partner leaving you wide awake due to their constant tossing and turning through the night will be significantly lower. 


When compared to innerspring mattresses, hybrids are significantly quieter which is another factor that minimizes interruptions during sleep. 


Hybrid mattresses combine the comfort of innerspring and memory foam mattresses due to the fusion of pocket-wrapped coils in the core that offer superior support and the contouring foam layers in the topside part of the mattress. 



Due to its unmatched density, a hybrid mattress is generally heavier than a latex or memory foam mattress. Rarely does this present a problem, however, you may be bothered by its weight when you’re flipping the mattress. Ecoy’s mattress box comes with wheels making it easy to transport and move prior to opening.

Hybrid Mattress Cost 

Hybrid mattresses cost more than memory foam or innerspring mattresses due to their density. But the price is justified as density is one of the main factors that determine the lifespan of a mattress. This means that even though you may pay a bit more for a hybrid, it will last longer. 

What Is a Bamboo Mattress? 

Bamboo mattresses usually use bamboo-derived materials for their top layer or cover for hybrid mattresses. Similar to bamboo pillows, their cover is made from bamboo viscose, which offers an abundance of benefits. These include natural breathability and an unmatched softness of material.


When you’re mattress shopping it’s important to do your research first. Compare the benefits of innerspring beds with memory foam mattresses and hybrids to see what type of mattress is the best for you. 

Our suggestion is to go with a hybrid mattress, and there are many reasons why. When infused with gel memory foam, hybrid beds offer the ideal sleep throughout hot summer nights. Couple that with excellent motion isolation and pressure relief, and you get your perfect new mattress.


What’s the difference between a hybrid and an innerspring mattress?

Unlike those traditional springs, hybrid mattresses tend to have more foam. Another important difference between these two is that the surface of a hybrid is flatter rather than tufted. 

Do memory foam hybrids have proper edge support?

All hybrid mattresses provide superior edge support thanks to the main support coming from their coil layer.

Do hybrid mattresses have innerspring coils?

As they come with multiple layers, hybrid mattresses feature an innerspring or pocketed coil base that provides enhanced support, allowing sleepers to enjoy different sleeping positions.

Do hybrid mattresses use gel-infused memory foam?

Not all foam mattresses are infused with gel and this depends on the manufacturer. Make sure you discover whether your manufacturer included such a layer as it will promote cooler sleep throughout the hot summer nights.