Best Cool Bed Sheets for Summer in Australia

Cool bed sheets

It's that time of year where the temperature starts to skyrocket and muggy hot days give way to stormy rain-soaked evenings.

Yep, it's summertime in Australia and we'll bet there's people across the country already concerned about how they're going to stay cool while sleeping.

There's nothing worse than tossing and turning all night in a pile of your own body moisture so if you're struggling to stay cool while you snooze, you've come to the right place.

For this journal entry, you'll learn the best fabrics for cooling sheets to help you get a good night's sleep throughout the long Australian summer.

What to consider when choosing your cool bed sheets

 Cooling bed sheets

We don't need to tell you how high temperatures can get during Australian summer, but for those interested, average temperatures regularly exceed 35 degrees. And further to that, during the middle months of summer those temperatures often struggle to get below 30 degrees at any point throughout the night, making staying cool while sleeping a constant battle.

But it doesn't have to be a constant battle - with the right cooling sheets for the occasion, you can stay cool and comfortable even during the hottest nights of the year.

It's all about finding the right criteria to judge the best cooling sheets on the market. Our criteria includes the following:

  • Comfort and Breathability
  • Moisture-Wicking & Temperature Regulation
  • Maintenance
  • Cost


With that, let's dive into the best cooling bed sheets for summer.

Our shortlist: Best cooling sheets for summer in Australia

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Bamboo sheets


  • Incredibly soft & lightweight
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Thermoregulation for body temperature control
  • Moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Eco-friendly and cruelty free



  • Slightly more expensive
  • Requires regular care


So moving through the four pieces of criteria - our bamboo sheets are without doubt the softest sheets on the market. They're silky soft, lightweight, cool to the touch and highly breathable making them a great option for warm weather.

Their high breathability comes from bamboo fabric's innate moisture-wicking capabilities, meaning the sheets are much less likely to stick to hot sleepers who struggles with night sweats.

Bamboo sheets also provide natural temperature regulating properties because of their moisture wicking fabric- they regulate airflow fantastically to keep you cool during the warmer months of the year, but they're also great at trapping body heat, making them an all-year-round sheet, and great for winter in Australia.

Furthermore, the best cooling bamboo sheets are also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making them a great choice for allergy sufferers and people wanting to limit the build-up of bacteria and other allergens that can foster the development of dust mites.

The one downside to bamboo (if you even call it that) is the fact you need to take regular care of them. It's important to only wash them with cold water and certain detergents, and avoid tumble drying or air-drying them in direct sunlight.

In saying that, if you take the time to care for them correctly, your bamboo sheets last upwards of 15 years!

Cotton sheets

Woman with regular cotton sheets


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Breathable



  • Easily damaged
  • Not naturally moisture-wicking


Whether its Egyptian cotton, supima cotton, percale cotton sheets or a cotton blend, the best cotton sheets are soft and supple, providing great comfort.

Like bamboo, cotton are also naturally breathable sheets that absorb moisture well and are relatively good at transmitting heat. There is a caveat, though, when comparing cotton next to bamboo and it lies in cotton's ability to absorb moisture.

Although it does indeed absorb moisture well, cotton does not possess the same moisture-wicking capabilities that bamboo does. As a result, although Egyptian cotton may absorb moisture, that moisture is collected in the sheets over time, contributing to a build-up of bacteria and other allergens that dust mites love.

It's also for this reason that cotton is not as good at regulating body temperature as bamboo so although it's absorbing body moisture, it's not necessarily cooling your core temperature at the same time, which is not ideal for a stinking hot Aussie summer.

On the flipside, however, cotton is 100% machine washable but can wrinkle easily depending on how you dry them. To avoid the dreaded wrinkles we recommend avoiding the tumble dryer, as heat can bring with it swift damage.

Lastly, cotton is a highly affordable fabric, especially if you steer clear of the Egyptian and other blends that have a fairly high thread count.

Linen sheets

Some people prefer linen sheets


  • Soft and breathable
  • Thermoregulation for air circulation
  • Eco-friendly 


  • Not very durable
  • Not an all-year-round sheet like bamboo
  • Expensive


We'll preface this section by saying that linen is very similar to bamboo. If you'd like to learn more we actually did a deep-dive comparison guide for your reading pleasure.

Anyway, when it comes to comfort, linen is a very soft fabric that offers that cloud-like feeling when sleeping with them, while also being highly breathable with considerable temperature control and regulation allowing for cool air circulation throughout the night.

Linen also possesses moisture-wicking capabilities but not to the same extent as bamboo.

From a durability standpoint, the fibres used to make linen sheets are considerably shorter than that of bamboo, meaning more are required and they pill, tear and fray overtime. And when you still need to care for them in the same way as bamboo, that's a significant drawback in our eyes.

They are usually more expensive than bamboo so if you're on a budget then these sheets might not be for you.

Our recommendation

Core sheet set with two pillowcases

Let's be real, any of the three fabrics outlined in this journal would be a good addition to your bedroom this summer.

But if you're like us and prefer to take the absolute best option available, you can't go past a bamboo sheet set. They tick all the boxes when it comes to the criteria and not only that, with their ability to thermoregulate and trap heat during the winter months, they're the only all-year-round option on the list.

So with that we'll leave you to it and happy, cool sleeping this summer!