Magnifying glass finding bed bugs in bed mattress

When you hear the term "bed bugs" it's probably followed by an exaggerated "eughhh." These nettlesome, blood sucking pests have been infiltrating people's inner sanctums for centuries, and if you've ever experienced the misfortune of a bed bug infestation, you know how annoying and downright unpleasant they can be. But can a mattress protector prevent them from appearing and ruining your beauty sleep? Get the low down here. 

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Baby sleeping on mattress protector in crib
Welcoming a newborn baby into the world is an incredibly exciting and sometimes apprehensive time for parents. Selecting the right bedding for the baby is an integral element of this process and considering how messy little ones can get, a mattress protector makes a lot of sense. If you're wondering whether a) do you need one? And b) are they safe? You've come to the right place. Read on for all the answers!
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