Do Bamboo Pillows Keep You Cool? The Ultimate Summer Pillow Guide

Do Bamboo Pillows Keep You Cool? The Ultimate Summer Pillow Guide

The list of things that can throw a wrench in your sleep schedule is quite long: taking long naps during the day, popping energizing vitamins and consuming too many caffeinated beverages, or even drinking a nightcap before you go to sleep.

But what's undeniably sleep's greatest enemy is a bedroom that’s too hot or too cold for sleep.

A new, large-scale study shows that the ideal bedroom temperature for comfortable sleep ranges between 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius. Everything that's above or below can negatively impact your sleeping habits, causing you to feel worn out even after a long night's sleep.

But can something seemingly insignificant such as changing your everyday pillow help improve your bed temperature? Is there such a thing as a cooling pillow? Or, more importantly, do bamboo pillows keep you cool? Yes! But how? Let’s find out.

What Are Cooling Pillows?

Cooling pillows come in different shapes and forms but they surely make a difference in providing you with comfortable sleep during a hot summer night. Their main functions are to provide temperature neutrality and prevent heat retention - as simple as that.

More often than not, these come in the form of a memory foam pillow combined with a cooling gel that can keep your body temperature comfortable throughout the night. The science behind this is as follows: the gel absorbs and transfers body heat to prevent the pillow from overheating. 

Now, where can you find these pillows? And are there any materials that are better than others when it comes to keeping your head cool?

The answer is yes - bamboo-derived materials!

Can Bamboo Pillows Keep Me Cool?

Almost everybody knows bamboo fabrics for their eco-friendly and naturally hypoallergenic properties, but did you know that they are perfect for hot sleepers, as they can provide them a good night’s sleep?

Since bamboo pillows are stuffed with either solid or shredded memory foam, they allow air circulation and thus maintain a comfortable temperature. Coupled with a viscose cover that is extracted from bamboo, these pillows offer some extra cooling properties. This is because the naturally breathable bamboo fibers provide an exceptional airflow that is way better than any synthetic material.

Another essential quality that a bamboo memory foam pillow offers is not its absorption properties, but rather its resistance to heat and moisture. Bamboo pillows are designed to keep moisture and sweat away from your skin, making your sleep more comfortable.

So if you have problems getting a good night's rest during a hot summer night, these cool-to-the-touch bamboo materials for your beddings might come in handy. 

Do Bamboo Pillows Come With Other Health Benefits?

A bamboo pillow may improve the quality of your sleep in summer, and better sleep has benefits for your overall health. Here are some benefits of using a bamboo pillow to stay cool:

Fall Asleep Faster

A nice bamboo pillow can cool your head during a hot summer night, allowing you to sleep comfortably. This means that this may be the solution for you to put an end to tossing and turning and feeling fully recharged in the morning. For better results, you may consider purchasing cooling bamboo bed sheets along with your bamboo pillow.

Enhances Overall Appearance

Did you know that sleep deprivation affects your appearance? A lack of regular, quality sleep can weaken the skin's ability to rejuvenate itself, thus making people look much older than their real age. As a bamboo pillow will make you sleep better, it will also make your skin healthier and younger. 

Assist With Allergies 

The natural fibers of bamboo-based materials boast antimicrobial properties, minimizing the chances of you getting an allergic reaction while resting. 

May Improve Overall Mental Health

The less sleep you get, the more susceptible to stress you are. Research shows that when a person's sleep schedule is broken, they may face depression due to lack of sleep. Using a bamboo pillow coupled with a good sleeping environment will allow you to feel rested and relaxed in the daytime.

Offer Spinal Alignment for Side and Back Sleepers 

Memory foam pillows are ideal for all sleep positions as they provide excellent support and adjustability throughout the night. What back sleepers should know though is that they need a thinner pillow to keep their head, neck, and spine in proper alignment while side sleepers should go with a thicker one. With this in mind, you can finally find a pillow to support your head and neck properly.

Final Thoughts

Trading your traditional pillow for a bamboo one will promote cooling effects in your sleep during the summer months. This is thanks to the gel-infused layers that absorb body heat from those that run hot in their sleep.

Couple this with the soft, natural materials that comprise bamboo pillows and you get an all-night long temperature control.


Are Bamboo Pillows Made From Eco-Friendly Fabric? 

Bamboo-derived materials are considered eco-friendly because the bamboo plant is 100% biodegradable, while the cut-down bamboo stalks regenerate quickly and grow anew. 

Is the Memory Foam Filling of Bamboo Pillows Made From Bamboo Derived Material?

No. The bamboo pillow’s fill consists mainly of polyurethane, while the cover is made of bamboo fibers.

Should I Wash a Brand New Bamboo Pillow?

Even though you should wash the bamboo cover, it's not recommended to wash the memory foam during the first six months of usage. This will provide a more solid sleeping surface for a longer period of time, and allow the pillow to retain the original shape a bit longer. 

Is the Memory Foam Pillow Machine-Washable? 

Even though you can put the bamboo cover in the washing machine, you’ll have to hand-wash the bamboo pillow filling