Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows? Complete Care Guide

Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows? Complete Care Guide

There isn't a shade of doubt that bamboo sleeping pillows are taking the world by storm, being one of the most commonly used pillows. This begs the question: how do you take proper care of them?

It's a common fact that a clean bamboo pillow will keep the dust mites away, which can assist with numerous allergies. In order to extend the life of your bamboo pillow, however, you will have to wash it every six months during its two to three years lifespan.

But can you wash bamboo pillows? And if this is possible, is there an easy way to do so? How do you go about washing bamboo pillows without damaging them? Stay with us as we take you on an educational journey where you'll learn the easiest way to wash bamboo pillows.

Table of contents

  • Can you wash bamboo pillows
  • How to wash a bamboo pillow
  • Can you dry bamboo pillows in a dryer?
  • How to extend the life of a bamboo pillow

Can you wash Bamboo Pillows?

Are bamboo pillows machine washable?

The short answer is yes! However, to what extent you can wash a bamboo pillow will always depend on the actual product you have.

Bamboo pillows are a combination of a bamboo fabric cover with a specific pillow filling. Our pillow at Ecoy uses memory foam for the filling that requires proper care.

The first thing you need to do when you’re buying a pillow is look at the specific washing instructions it comes with. 

For example, our very own bamboo pillow comes with the following instructions:

  • Bamboo cover is removable and is machine washable.
  • The memory foam filling is not washing machine-friendly.

  • Although your particular pillow’s care instructions can be different, there are general guidelines you can follow that will help you prolong the life of any pillow.

    Let's dive into them…

    How to wash a Bamboo Pillow

    carrying load of washing with bamboo pillows

    First and foremost, when you're washing bamboo pillows, you want to separate the cover from the pillow filling and clean them separately, as they usually require different cleaning methods.

    Clean the Bamboo Pillow Cover in Your washing machine

    The best part about our bamboo pillow is the machine-washable removable cover.

    Here’s what you want to do to achieve the best results:

    • Wash it separately to avoid friction with rough materials. When we say rough, we mean coarse cloth, towels, or anything with a zipper on it.
    • As a rule of thumb for any bamboo fabric, avoid heat at all costs. Heat destroys the fibres and causes the fabric to shrink.
    • Always wash it on a gentle cycle, using lukewarm, or warm water.
    • Lastly, make sure you use a mild detergent. Add about a tablespoon of gentle or mild detergent per regular load size. 

    For more info on washing memory foam in particular, make sure to check out our guide on how to wash a memory foam pillow.

    Handwash the Bamboo Pillow Filling

    Bamboo pillows are usually stuffed either with solid or shredded memory foam. This indeed makes you think twice about the washing method you'll choose if you don’t want to risk damaging the pillow.

    Sounds considerate, but it all comes down to a single thing - most memory foam pillows need to be hand washed. This is mostly because even the gentlest washing cycle might be too harsh and is likely to break up the memory foam, causing it to lose its shape.

    But if a washing machine is out of the game when it comes to cleaning your bamboo pillow, what steps should you follow?

    Let's see...

    • Whether your pillow is made from solid or shredded memory foam, you will need a mild or gentle detergent without bleach. Fill your tub or hand wash basin with lukewarm water and mix it with the detergent until bubbly. 
    • The next step requires you to dip the pillow until it has fully absorbed water. Rub the pillow with a gentle cloth in a circular motion and remember not to be too harsh. 
    • Be careful not to use too much soap or detergent before you begin the process. This is mostly because it may be hard for you to squeeze the large quantities of detergent out.  
    • After putting the detergent, gently squeeze the pillow like a sponge to let it penetrate inside. As there might be accumulated dirt inside the pillow - you want to be thorough - which means penetrating the deepest layers. 
    • Couple that with a massage until you notice the detergent is truly inside the pillow filling, then soak it for a few minutes. If you want a nice smell afterward, this is how you’ll get it. 
    • Don't soak it for more than fifteen minutes, though. This will make it harder to get rid of the moisture, which later can deteriorate your pillow. 

    The last part is the easiest one as you only need to squeeze the pillow out and rinse it with warm water until the detergent has drained out from the filling. 

    The only thing left now is to let it dry!

    Can You Dry Bamboo Pillows in the Dryer?

    pillow dryer

    You are here because you've done the hardest part of cleaning a bamboo pillow - washing it.

    Now you probably have questions about the drying process, and we'll answer them all, step by step.

    Best Way to Dry the Bamboo Pillow

    As we told you to steer clear of the washing machine when it comes to cleaning a memory foam pillow, you should never dry it in a machine. Yes, we know that it’s practical and it can save you a lot of time, but it comes with a cost - it can cause the memory foam filling to break down or even melt.

    Interestingly, the alternative option is easier because it only requires you to leave the pillow to air dry. 

    Here are a few other tips:

    • Choose a well-ventilated area and place the pillow on a clean, flat surface. You can put it in direct sunlight, but flip the pillow from time to time to avoid excessive heat on one side. 
    • Make sure it’s completely dry before you use it in order to avoid the buildup of moisture and mold. You can do this by squeezing it from time to time to see whether or not the pillow feels damp. 

    Best Way to Dry the Bamboo Pillowcase

    Air drying is also the best way to dry the removable cover. It's also quick, as it only requires you to leave it on a drying rack. However, if you want to speed up the process, you can certainly use the dryer. Mind that heat can not only damage the memory foam but the whole pillow, including the pillow cover.

    To prevent this, you should choose a delicate cycle with low heat whilst constantly checking the moisture level to avoid over-drying the pillow. 

    How to Extend the Life of a Bamboo Pillow?

    Everyone wants their beddings to last for as long as they possibly can, but do they all take proper care of them?

    To prolong the lifespan of your bamboo pillows, you need to make sure you regularly wash your pillow case. The pillow case is heaven for bed bugs that might end up destroying your pillow. 

    Weekly pillow case washing is required to stop the build-up of bodily fluids, which do soak into the removable cover over time. The National Sleep Foundation recommends washing your pillow case at least once a week. It’s also advised that you wash your pillow’s removable cover at least semi-regularly, depending on the regularity of your pillow case washing.

    Additionally, keeping your bamboo pillow dry might save you both time and money. A wet pillow can cause the rapid growth of bacteria, especially when combined with warmth. Be careful not to sleep sweaty, or with wet hair, and always try to keep your pillow as dry as possible.

    Another important thing in the fight with bacteria is dusting. Regularly dust off your pillow to prevent bed bugs from feasting on your dead skin cells.

    Final Thoughts 

    Although it may sound complicated, taking care of your bamboo pillows is actually plain sailing - of course, once you know all the tricks. This means minding the water temperature, washing only covers on a gentle cycle and pillow fillings by hand, and choosing the right detergent

    Yes, there's plenty of work to do, but everything for a good night's sleep, right? While you’re at it, make sure to take a look at our article on how often you should change your pillow, as that plays a big part too!