What Is Thread Count & Is It Important for Bed Sheets?

What Is Thread Count & Is It Important for Bed Sheets?

In your restless quest for the ideal sheets, trying to discover what makes certain fabrics better than others, you've probably come across the term thread count. 

So you’ve now got the impression that thread count is an essential measure in determining quality in the mesmerising world of bedding.

But is that right? What is thread count and is it important for bed sheets?

A rough indicator of the softness of certain fabrics, thread count has long been considered the only measure for quality in sheet materials. While this is true to some extent, it most certainly is not the only factor that determines quality.

If you want to discover everything about thread count and other factors that influence sheet quality, keep reading our educational article. 

What Is Thread Count?

Thread count refers to the number of threads within a single square inch of fabric. This includes the lengthwise threads, which are referred to as weft, and the widthwise threads, which are called warp. 

For instance, if a sheet comes with 150 vertical and 150 horizontal threads per one-square inch, the total thread count is 300.

Does the Thread Count Matter?

It is commonly believed that a higher thread count signifies better quality fabrics, making the sheets extremely soft and durable.

What Are the Other Factors That Determine Sheet’s Quality?

Yarn Size 

When considering textile performance, fiber length is one of the principal measurable factors for quality: the longer the staple the more durable the fabric. This means that even if you discover sheets that boast a high thread count, it isn’t the only criterion that makes them good quality sheets.

Fibre Fineness

Fibre fineness is perhaps the most prominent factor in determining fabric surface area, filtration resistance, and porosity

The Weave

The weave is yet another factor that determines the smoothness, durability, and overall quality of bed sheets. It illustrates the way threads of material are woven together to create diverse fabrics, allowing the strands of yarn to serve a practical purpose. 

What Is the Thread Count of Bamboo Sheets?

Most bamboo bed linen sheets come with a thread count that ranges between 150 and 500. 

Nonetheless, you might stumble upon misleading advertisements, telling you that some brands offer sheets with a higher thread count than 500.

This is because producers calculate multi-ply threads, which means that instead of counting every separate thread, they count each fiber, also known as ply, that comprises a single thread. An individual thread can contain more than two plies that are wrapped together.

So - next time you discover cheap bamboo sheets, make sure to consider the quality of the fabric, not only the thread count.

Bamboo vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If thread count was the only determinant in the classification of high-quality fabrics, Egyptian cotton might hold the throne as one of the most sumptuous bedding materials, with some companies advertising their products to have high thread counts of 1,000.

But as top-tier bamboo sheets are known far and wide for possessing all of the other quality requirements, they are swiftly claiming the throne as cozier and softer alternatives despite the thread count. What makes them incredibly soft are the micro-gaps found in bamboo fiber, which also increase the ability of bamboo fabrics to absorb moisture

Plus, bamboo fibres make bamboo sheets more resilient and long-lasting. This is mostly because bamboo fibres are naturally longer, which means that they are less likely to separate or tear. Consequently, bamboo fabrics are usually more durable than cotton ones.

Lastly, the micro-gaps in bamboo sheets make them more breathable, absorbent, and cool than cotton ones

Final Takeaway 

It’s fairly difficult to make a decision on buying the best sheets when every sheet set out there claims to have the most luxurious fabric. 

This is why you should never let one single factor navigate your choice for sheets, as it’s hardly enough to vouch for their overall quality. 

Consider all the criteria instead, focusing on finding not just the best thread count, but the longest staple and top-quality fibre. Due to their comfort, durability, and sustainable manufacturing, 100% organic bamboo sheet sets are our own recommendation.