Why are Bamboo Quilts So Good? Here are 6 Benefits

Bamboo quilt on bed

By now you've probably noticed one of the biggest trends in bedding - bamboo.

As one of the most versatile and sustainable plants on the planet, there's not many things bamboo isn't used for.

From sheets and pillowcases to mattress protectors and toppers, bamboo fabric is taking the bedding world by storm.

Today, we're focusing on bamboo quilts and 6 amazing benefits you can realise by simply choosing to catch your z's beneath one.

Let's kick things off with a very simple question.

Are bamboo quilts good?

Bamboo has antibacterial qualities making it the perfect material for a quilt

We think they're the beez kneez!

In saying that, it wouldn't be much of a statement without some supporting context so let's revert to one of our favourite past times here on the journal - a quickfire Q&A.

This Q&A will run a little differently. In question form, here are 6 amazing benefits that support the statement: bamboo quilts are good.

1) Is a bamboo quilt comfortable?

You bet your bottom dollar an organic bamboo quilt is comfortable.

Comfort is probably the number one priority when it comes to bedding and a bamboo quilt will not disappoint.

Bamboo is lightweight and highly breathable for optimum comfort, no matter what time of year it is.

2) Is a bamboo quilt durable?

Quilts made from bamboo can last as long as 15 years if looked after correctly!

One of the beauties of bamboo fibres is the fact they're longer than other materials, meaning they do not pill or tear over time like you get with some other materials such as wool quilts, cotton quilts, microfibre quilts and feather quilts.

And it gets better, although it is advised the best course of maintenance is a cold hand wash, if you tend to be strapped for time (like us) a bamboo quilt is machine washable, just be sure to only use a cold wash and air-dry - as regularly as possible!

3) Can a bamboo quilt help to regulate body temperature?

Two people under a summer quilt on bed


The reason being is that bamboo fibres naturally thermoregulate your body temperature throughout the night.

Bamboo is a very breathable material making it great for the summer months because you stay cool throughout the night.

Additionally, bamboo wicks away moisture meaning the quilt is much less likely to stick to you if you tend to sweat while sleeping, while still retaining enough heat under the quilt to make it suitable for colder climates as well.

It's a best of both worlds scenario in which you've got a quilt that not only keeps you cool in summer, but warm in winter, making it the perfect year-round quilt!

4) Is a bamboo quilt good for allergies?

If having natural hypoallergenic properties is a good thing for allergy sufferers, then yes, bamboo quilts are good for limiting allergic reactions.

Bamboo is a natural hypoallergenic material, meaning it is made chemical free without any pesticides or fungicides which can have adverse effects for people with allergies.

The superior hypoallergenic qualities that bamboo quilts possess gives them antimicrobial properties which are great for preventing the build-up of dust mites and other allergens that stem from excess moisture in your bedding.

So, naturally anti bacterial? Check.

Hypo allergenic? Check.

5) Is a bamboo quilt sustainable?

If you're like us and living sustainably is important to you, then a bamboo quilt is a fantastic eco friendly option to support your ethos.

The bamboo plant grows in large amounts at such a rapid pace that the cultivation and production of bamboo materials is relatively more sustainable without overwhelming the natural resource.

Further to that, bamboo grows without the need for additional pesticides or chemicals and with less water requirements.

How good is that!?

6) Is a bamboo quilt odor resistant?

Bamboo is great for temperature regulation

We know what you might be thinking; being a natural material free from chemicals and significant molecular redesign, will a bamboo quilt smell weird?

In short, no!

Owing to the antibacterial properties and moisture-wicking capabilities of the material, your sweat won't seep into the quilt over time, nor does it have a foul odor.

A bamboo quilt actually acts as a natural deodorizer meaning your inner sanctum of relaxation remains clean, fresh, and odor free for longer.


Not synthetic quilts

And with that, we have reached our conclusion...

Whether you want something to encapsulate the winter warmth, something to keep you cool during the warmer months, something incredibly comfortable, something ultra light, something durable or something that combats your allergies and is eco friendly, a new quilt made from bamboo is the perfect quilt for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the bamboo bedding revolution, you won't be disappointed!


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