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All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
All Seasons Bamboo Quilt

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All Seasons Bamboo Quilt

Sleep in the optimal temp all year round with our versatile all-seasons quilt. Use double-sided buttons to combine 2 quilts into 1 for an extra cozy winter. When summer rolls around, just leave one quilt on your bed to keep things cool and comfy. Stupid simple.

Each all seasons bamboo quilt is 340 gsm and engineered from organic bamboo that's ideal for the Australian climate. Breathable, silky soft and purposefully weighted so that you can stay comfy all night long, in any season.

Buy 1 bamboo quilt for hot months. Buy 2 quilts and combine for cold months.

Quilt cover sold separately.


Use buttons to combine

Silky soft 340 GSM

Bunch proof

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Free delivery over $100

Free returns & exchanges for 30 days

5 year warranty


Free Cooling Foam Pillow

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Winter Bedding Bundle
1x Bamboo Quilt
1x Bamboo Quilt Cover Set
1x Bamboo Sheet Set

Winter Bedding Bundle
Bamboo Quilt (valued at $240)
Bamboo Quilt Cover Set (valued at $220)
Bamboo Sheet Set (valued at $220)

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All Seasons Quilt Bundle
1x Bamboo Quilt Cover Set
1x Bamboo Quilt 
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All Seasons Bunch Proof Quilt Bundle
Bamboo Quilt Cover Set (valued at $220)
Bamboo Quilt (valued at $270)
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Bamboo Quilt Cover Set

From $190


Available in 7 colours.
Set includes 1x Bamboo Quilt Cover and 2x Bamboo Pillowcases


What people are saying about @ecoy

"The ability to merge two Ecoy quilts into one for chillier seasons is a feature we absolutely adore. On the whole, Ecoy has crafted a well-balanced quilt with a silky texture, the right weight and practical functionality."

Over 900, 5 star customer reviews

A quilt that changes with the weather

Summer / Mid-season

340 GSM

Perfect for the warmer months in Australia.


680 GSM

Combine both quilts for a snuggly winter option.

Breathable and temperature regulating

Keep snug and ditch night sweats. Every quilt is engineered in bamboo fabric that is super good at absorbing moisture to help keep your body temp just right. That means you'll snooze better, wrapped in super comfy and well-ventilated fabric.

Bunch proof design & quilt cover compatible

Bye-bye quilt bunching! Innovatively designed corner holes connect seamlessly with every Ecoy quilt cover for a secure fit that stays put all night. Enjoy uninterrupted comfort and focus on your rest.

An option for every season

Say goodbye to separate winter and summer quilts. Use double-sided buttons to combine 2 quilts into 1 for an extra cozy winter. When summer rolls around, just leave one quilt on your bed to keep things cool and comfy.  Effortlessly adaptable to your sleeping needs.

A quilt designed for the Aussie climate

  • Designed for all seasons

Adjust to Australia's variable climates and seasons effortlessly with our versatile quilts. Attach the two quilts using provided buttons for added warmth in colder months, and easily separate them in summer.

  • Bunch proof

Our quilt features built-in corner holes, allowing you to securely clip your Ecoy quilt cover.

  • Sustainably sourced bamboo

Ethically and sustainably grown, our bamboo quilt reduces water consumption and eliminates the use of pesticides.

  • Quilts that make a difference

With every Ecoy purchase, choose one of three Australian charities to receive 1% of your sale as a donation.

  • Free returns, 30 days

Try our quilts risk-free for 30 days. If you're not satisfied, simply reach out, and we'll provide a full refund and arrange collection of the unwanted quilts.

Why choose Ecoy?


OEKO-TEX Certified

Product tested

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. 


$1 donated on every sale

Ecoy supports domestic and abroad NGO projects related to environmental and human welfare with i=Change.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Rebecca Black
Age: 24-35
Previous quilt/duvet filling: Polyester
Favourite feature: Luxury feel
Perfect nights sleep

It’s been my first week with my new doona and I am so happy to have purchased this! So comfortable.

Thanks so much Rebecca for the 5 stars

Shay Russell
Age: 36-45
Previous quilt/duvet filling: Down
Favourite feature: Natural/non-toxic option, Luxury feel, Sustainability aspects, Allergen friendly
Nice quilt but bunches in the quilt cover.

I brought the quilt and cooling cover set. While they are nice and cool/soft the quilt is prone to buching inside the cover. I need to re-adust every night. Maybe more buttons on every side may help stop this.

Hey Shay. Thanks so much for the honest feedback. We have taken it onboard and are improving our next batch of quilts with more button holes. Appreciate this greatly. Have a great one. Sam from Ecoy

Jeffrey Koby
Age: 24-35
Previous quilt/duvet filling: Feather
Favourite feature: Luxury feel, Allergen friendly
Absolutely amazing quilt & sheet set

These are absolutely good quality & make me regulate my temperature better & also sleep better. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality bamboo quilt

Thanks a lot Jeffrey. Appreciate the 5 stars. Cheers. Sam from Ecoy

Age: 56-65
Previous quilt/duvet filling: Down
Favourite feature: Natural/non-toxic option
Double quilt cover

I bought the double (ie winter) quilt set and i will say it/they are great quilts. I've had mine for few months and can say they're warm in the middle of winter BUT...getting them to stay together, especially inside a quilt cover is damn near impossible. A pity because had i known this it would have been a dealbreaker for me and i would have bought the equivalent in goosedown (the twin quilts are fairly heavy). The buttons supplied to keep them together are simply no up to the task and the quilts start bunching up over each other. If you're after the single layer and that is warm enough for you (wasn't for me) i would recommend it, otherwise its a fail from me. Its a perfect case for having a single quilt layer only.

Hey there. We really appreciate the transparent feedback. This info helps us improve as a brand. We have modifications planned to prevent this from happening in the future and we would love to get your feedback on the upgrades when they arrive. Can you please message us on support@ecoy.com.au for further discussion around your experience? Thanks, Sam.

Age: 36-45
Favourite feature: Natural/non-toxic option

Bought single quilts for my 2 children. The quilt bunches particularly when two are joined together. This may be remedied by buying their quilt cover but one isn't available for a single quilt size.

Hi Henry, we're sorry to hear that the product hasn't lived up to your expectations. Can you please email us at support@ecoy.com.au so we can troubleshoot this with you? We want our customers to have the best experience possible.