How to Make a Pillow Fortress in 7 Steps


Picture this: you're a kid and after waking up on the first day of school holidays you run out to the backyard only to be met by a wet and miserable day. What do you do?

You build a pillow fort of course!

Decorated with all your favourite drawings and a sign at the front stating "no adults allowed", pillow forts were the perfect escape from the realities of a slow day at home.

As many parts of the country continue to grapple with lockdown orders and restrictions on movement, there's never been a better time to scrub up on your fort making skills, encourage some creativity and get the kids off the TV and away from the video games.

Continue reading for all the info you need to make one epic pillow fort!

Table of contents

  • What do you do with a pillow fort?
  • How do you make the best pillow fort ever?
  • Pillow fort > Fortnight 

What do you do with a pillow fort?

Great pillow fort

The question should really be what CAN'T you do with a pillow fort?

In all seriousness though, what you do with a pillow fort is really up to you, or you and your kids imagination.

You could imagine it's a castle under siege and you need spotters with nurf guns watching out for the enemy.

It could be a hideaway cabin in the hills and the threat of bears and other wildlife is literally at your doorstep.

Or, you could imagine it's a space capsule taking you to Mars and you're the first humans to settle on the red planet.

The point we're trying to make is that a pillow fort could be anything, it's totally up to you how you position it and for what purpose. One thing for sure though, more people should be making pillow forts!

Now with those poorly imagined examples out of the way...

How to build pillow forts in 13 steps

As many pillows

Every fort is different and by no means do we want to stifle your own creative energy, but if you're after some simple steps to follow, look no further than below.

Psst, these steps relate to an indoor fort.

  1. Build the base. Get your mattress topper or something equivalent and place it where you want the fort to be. Add a few pillows on top (if you have old pillows to dispose, these work work great).
  2. The back wall: put something up against the top of the mattress or what will essentially be the back wall of the fort. A couch or sofa works perfectly, but you could also some other piece of furniture or a wall.
  3. Side walls: set up two chairs along each side of the base. These will effectively be your walls.
  4. Roof: throw your sheets over the chairs to create a roof and be sure to secure it with tape. If you don't have any tape, books are always a suitable alternative.
  5. Entrance: Get your clips and tie them in a way that creates an entrance to your fort, or in other words...a door!
  6. Decorate! If it's for the kids, stuffed animals are a must. Other things like fairy lights, glow sticks, board games and books are also great additions.
  7. Name it, crawl inside and start enjoying it!

How do you make the best pillow fort ever?

Blanket fort

Before diving head first into construction there's a few things you should first consider.

Where to put it?

Location, location, location! Just like the property market it's vital to put your fort in a suitable spot for your needs.

If you're going for something indoors it's important to find a space large enough to house everyone who wants to partake in the fort's mystique!

Make sure you've got enough furniture close by to use as fixtures for your pillow fort. And if you plan on using some form of technology while inside, it would be smart to build close to a power outlet to avoid any potential accidents from unnecessary extension cords.

On the flip, if you want to make your fort in the backyard, be sure to build on a flat surface and make sure the weather won't rain on your parade.

For what purpose?

Before getting stuck in it's worth deciding the overarching function of your fort.

For example, if you're going to use it as a personal escape it won't need to be overly big, just big enough to fit you comfortably.

On the other hand, if it's going to be used as a little theatre (or imaginary castle) you'll need sufficient space for yourself and guests. AND, it will need to be properly positioned to fit your TV or laptop.

What will you need?

Once you've decided on the ideal location and function for your imagination to flourish, it's time to get all your supplies together.

Specific supplies will vary from one fort to another because, well, no two forts are the same, but here is a checklist with many common items you will most likely need to build your fort.

  • Pillows, duh! - You can't make a pillow fort without pillows. Even better, make it an eco-friendly fort with some bamboo pillows.
  • Bed sheets - These are perfect for the roof.
  • Chairs - Commonly used as fixtures or support bearers, chairs are very easy to manoeuvre.
  • Tape - The last thing you want is the roof or sides collapsing, so tape is a must.
  • Couch cushions - If you're going to be sitting on the floor, you'll need something to protect the buttocks!
  • Mattress topper - Toppers are the perfect solution if you want a soft and cuddly base.
  • Quilts - Can be placed on top of the mattress topper, or you can use them for warmth and cuddles.
  • Binder clips - Perfect for making a door flap.

Pillow fort > Fortnite

Enough space

No matter the scenario, creating your own pillow fort is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

It promotes creativity, gets the kids engaged and off the video games, and offers something different from the monotonous day-to-day home activities that many Australians find themselves battling at the moment.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your Ecoy bedding, put on those thinking caps and make yourself and the family a fort for the ages!