Drug Interactions: Can You Take Melatonin With Benadryl?

Drug Interactions: Can You Take Melatonin With Benadryl?

Sleep disorders are pretty common in this day and age. So, it's only natural that you'd want to counteract them with sleep aids such as melatonin, which is considered a more natural way to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin helps you fall asleep faster and improves your overall sleep quality.

But what if you wanted to take a supplement with allergy medication like Benadryl? Allergy medications usually contain antihistamines, whose side effects can often result in daytime sleepiness and drowsiness. So, can you use them both simultaneously?

Taking Melatonin for Sleep

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in our brain. It's produced once it gets dark outside, and its function is to make it easier for you to fall asleep (although it doesn't directly make you sleepy).

Melatonin is said to help with a variety of sleep issues and sleep disorders like jet lag and delayed sleep-wake phase disorder (DSWPD); some studies suggest that it might also benefit people struggling with insomnia and that it might have positive effects on balancing the sleep-wake cycle.

However, if you have any kind of sleep issues, you should first consult with your doctor to see whether they're not a result of underlying medical conditions. Don't take any pills or supplements for better sleep without consulting with a medical professional first.

Taking Benadryl for Allergies

April is the cruelest month, said T. S. Eliot, and while he didn't really mean allergies, we certainly do! Hay season is in full swing, and that means hay fever lurks just around the corner. Luckily, we have effective treatment nowadays. Antihistamine pills like Benadryl usually take care of the unwanted symptoms of allergy.

Benadryl is one of the most common over-the-counter medications used for treating symptoms of hay fever and allergies (and sometimes also the common cold) like watery and itchy eyes, itchy nose and ears, runny nose, sneezing, and rashes. Bamboo sheets moisture wicking and hypoallergenic properties can also assist with allergies.

Can You Mix Melatonin and Benadryl?

Generally speaking, yes, you can mix melatonin and Benadryl, but you should be careful about certain side effects such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Difficulties with concentration

Older people may also experience poorer motor coordination as well as impairments in judgment and thinking.

It's highly advisable not to use (or at least limit the use of) alcohol if you're taking melatonin and Benadryl together. Also, don't drive or operate heavy or dangerous machinery until you have more information on how Benadryl and melatonin affect you. 

Whatever you consider doing, first talk to your doctor and tell them about your concerns and any questions you might have. Also, make sure to tell them about other medications you're taking at the moment, even if it's just herbs or supplements and vitamins.


People nowadays often resort to sleep aids to regulate their sleep-wake cycle and improve their quality of sleep. This means that they will inevitably interact with other drugs they may be taking, like Benadryl, used to treat allergies. While it is generally considered okay to use both of them simultaneously, it's highly advisable that you don't do anything before you talk with your doctor first.


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