Benefits of Bamboo Sheets: Why are Bamboo Sheets So Good?

Man wrapped up in bamboo sheets

By now you've probably heard that bamboo sheets are pretty darn good.

In saying that though, human intuition probably has you asking in all honesty, "are bamboo sheets good?"

Bamboo bed sheets offer a pretty extensive list of benefits and as such, we think they're the beez kneez!

But we'll let you decide for yourself.

Read on to get the low-down on all the benefits bamboo bed sheets have to offer.

What are bamboo bed sheets?

Bamboo fabric

At the risk of stating the obvious, bamboo bed sheets are bedding products made from bamboo fibres extracted from the bamboo plant.

The process of creating bamboo fabrics is one of manufacturing. Bamboo linen is made from bamboo fiber and bamboo fiber comes from specific parts of the bamboo plant.

The main component used to make bamboo fabric is bamboo viscose, which is also known as bamboo rayon or bamboo lyocell. Which term you use will widely depend on which part of the world you're in; rayon hails from North America and viscose from Europe.

For more info on the production process, check out our in depth look at how bamboo sheets are made.

Let's kick on.

What are the benefits of bamboo sheets?

Bamboo bedding

Let's have a little fun with this hey!?

To roll through all the benefits (which there are a lot) let's do a quick fire Q&A.

Are bamboo sheets soft?

We'll never get sick of saying this - bamboo bed sheets are without doubt the softest sheets on the market!

The silky soft texture of bamboo bedding provides an incredibly soft feel that will have you entering dreamland with a sense of luxury usually reserved for five-star hotels.

Are bamboo sheets comfortable?

Hell yeah they're comfortable!

Being so naturally soft, sheets made from organic bamboo are also lightweight and breathable, while still possessing the ability to trap heat during the colder months of the year.

Are bamboo sheets cooling?

You'd think no right, considering we just said they can trap heat really well?

Not exactly. Bamboo bedding has this innate ability to provide unrivalled temperature control. So not only can they keep you warm in winter, but they have this uncanny ability to keep you cool in summer as well.

Reason being, the natural fibers from organic bamboo provide perfect insulation for your body no matter the sleeping conditions.

Are bamboo sheets good for sensitive skin?

Bed sheets

In short, yes.

Sleeping under a bamboo sheet delivers a range of benefits for your skin, including the ability to:

  • Reduce the regularity of acne breakouts
  • Insulate your skin and regulate body temperature
  • Soothe particular skin conditions such as eczema and sunburn
  • Keep you dry during the night to prevent night sweats


Are bamboo sheets good for your hair?


The way in which bamboo sheets are made fosters longer threads which create a much softer and gentle material compared to other materials such as regular cotton.

As a result, bamboo sheets offer a range of benefits for your hair including:

  • Being naturally antibacterial to reduce germs
  • Offering great hydration for your hair
  • Possessing a silky smooth texture to prevent tangles
  • Offering less friction which helps to prevent split ends


Are bamboo sheets good for people with allergies?

Again, you guessed it, yes!

Bamboo sheets have fantastic antimicrobial properties thanks to their moisture wicking capabilities, which greatly help to reduce allergy flare ups caused by pathogens, dead skin cells and dust mites which fester when excess moisture seeps into your bed sheets.

Do bamboo sheets have a high thread count?

 Bamboo fibers

No, they don't.

But that's a good thing when looking at it in context.

The traditional perception that a higher thread count means better quality sheets doesn't really apply to bamboo because of how the fabric is made. As the threads are naturally longer than other materials, you don't need nearly as many threads to fill out a sheet.

So although bamboo sheets have a lower thread count compared to others, it doesn't matter.

For your interest, the majority of bamboo bed sheets tend to have a thread count between 300 and 400, with most providers agreeing the ideal thread count for bamboo sheets is around 300.

So when it comes to bamboo bedding products, forget the perception you have regarding a high thread count!

Are bamboo sheets durable?

You know it.

When cared for correctly, bamboo sheets can last for up to 15 years!

Are bamboo sheets stain-resistant?

Again, it's a resounding yes.

Okay, if you spill red wine on them that's going to be a challenge, but in terms of the discolouration that you tend to get from certain sheets, bamboo is somewhat immune.

Over time moisture causes discolouration but thanks to the moisture wicking capabilities of bamboo, your sheets will stay colourful and vibrant for many many years.

Are bamboo sheets easy to wash?

Two sheets not on a bed, but drying

They're relatively easy to wash yes.

Using a washing machine, simply put your bamboo sheets on a gentle cycle, preferably in cold water but warm is okay too.

We recommend a liquid detergent, but if you would prefer to use powder detergent, be sure to dissolve it first.

Are bamboo sheets environmentally friendly?

Being made from bamboo, what do you think?

Patronising aside, of course they are - bamboo is a sustainable source that is eco friendly and the manufacturing process has a significantly lower carbon footprint and environmental impact than that of some of your more common bedding materials.


sheets feel a luxurious feel and absorb sweat

Having read this far we'll let you be the judge, do think bamboo sheets are good?

Because we sure do! They're soft, comfortable, keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, great for sensitive skin, good for your hair, hypoallergenic, durable, stain-resistant, easy to wash and environmentally friendly.

  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Keep you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Great for hair and sensitive or dry skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Incredibly durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to maintain and wash (when done correctly)
  • Environmentally friendly


We don't think anyone could look at that list and say they're not good.

So what are you waiting for - try our bamboo sheets and you can sleep risk-free for 30 nights with our bamboo bed sheets and if you're not satisfied, simply return them.

We donate any unwanted returns to those most in need within our communities, so you don't have to worry about them going to waste.


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