Are Bamboo Sheets Good For Your Hair?

Woman sleeping on bamboo sheets

Do you struggle to maintain healthy hair?

If you've been dealing with spit ends, damaged extensions and tangled lengths, and have exhausted all forms of questioning for your hairdresser then you're about learn something that will greatly contribute to healthier, smoother and more luscious hair.

It might surprise you to know that the type and quality of sheets that you sleep on have a massive impact on the health of your hair.

If you've been sleeping on cotton sheets your entire life, this blog may just have you running to purchase some new ones of the bamboo variety!

Read on to learn why.

Bamboo bedding helps keep your hair healthy

Bamboo pillowcases

We get asked quite a lot here at ecoy - "are bamboo sheets good for your hair?"

Put simply, the answer is a resounding yes!

How exactly?

Well, first and foremost, most pillowcases made from cotton are full of short threads in the fabric that make for a pretty rough surface that creates friction when you sleep, which contributes to your hair drying out, feeling brittle and just being unhealthy in general.

Bamboo sheets on the other hand, have an innate ability to keep your hair from doing all those things, and bamboo houses lots of natural silica, which is great for your hairs health!

The way bamboo sheets are made allows for the sheets and their accompanying pillowcases to have longer threads which create a much softer and more gentle material.

As a result, bamboo pillowcases cause much less friction and tension on your hair when enjoying your beauty sleep.

How do bamboo sheets make your hair healthier?

Traditional pillowcases

Let's dig a little deeper into the exact benefits of bamboo sheets accompanied by a bamboo pillowcase.

There are several ways bamboo sheets help make your hair healthier, including:

  • Being naturally antibacterial to reduce germs
  • Offering great hydration for your hair
  • Possessing a silky smooth texture to prevent tangles
  • Offering less friction which helps to prevent split ends


Bamboo sheets are naturally antibacterial which helps to reduce germs

Bamboo pillowcase

Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and possess antibacterial properties that help keep your hair clean, and your scalp healthy.

The bedroom is one of the most common places in your home for bacteria build-up because when you sleep, your body disposes of excess moisture and other oils that can seep into your bedding materials and create a breeding ground for dust mites.

But not if you're using bedding made from bamboo as the natural elements of the material help to prevent such build-up.

As a result, sleeping on bamboo sheets and pillowcases results in cleaner hair and a healthier scalp.

Bamboo sheets offer great hydration for your hair

Bamboo products

When we talk about hydration, we're referring to a bedding material's ability or lack thereof to draw moisture away from your body.

Sleeping on cotton pillowcases for example, results in you waking up with dry, brittle hair as the sheets suck all the moisture out.

Bamboo sheets on the other hand are extremely breathable and have an innate ability to help your hair and skin enjoy a healthy and natural level of moisture retention.

This ability is commonly referred to as moisture wicking.

In layman's terms, they take all the bad moisture without over compensating and sucking the life out of your hair, leaving you with silky, luscious, hydrated locks.

Bamboo sheets silky smooth texture helps to prevent tangles

Hydrated skin

Do you ever wake up with frizzy, tangled and textured hair?

The reason for this is probably because the pillowcases you're sleeping on are made from a harsh fabric that causes friction.

Bamboo bed sheets are naturally soft with a sensationally smooth texture which helps to eliminate any friction while you sleep. And yes, that goes for you restless sleepers too. Not too dissimilar from linen sheets, which you can find our breakdown of bamboo vs linen sheets here.

Being naturally soft, it makes for the perfect complement to your scalp while sleeping as your hair glides across the pillowcase without any friction, leaving your hair smooth and unblemished when you rise from your slumber.

Bamboo sheets help to prevent split ends

No more dry hair

Continuing on the prevention train, the innate softness of bamboo bed sheets helps to prevent the ends of your hair from splitting.

Split ends rear their ugly head when your hair fibres splinter due to damage of the hair shaft and is magnified when your hair cops a beating from friction when sleeping.

Bamboo fibres on the other hand offer soft, rounded edges which prevent such friction from occurring.

The result is a pillowcase that fosters undamaged ends and healthy hair growth.


Silky soft bamboo sheets

Did you learn something new today?

If you're looking for smooth hair that is always incredibly soft and silky with fewer dry patches on your scalp, then it's pretty simple; choose bamboo!

Your hair will love you for it and you'll look and feel better.

But if you're still not convinced you can try our bamboo sheets and sleep risk-free for 30 nights, and if you're not satisfied you can simply return them.

We donate any unwanted returns to those most in need within our communities, so you don't have to worry about them going to waste.


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