How Good are Bamboo Mattress Toppers?

Bamboo mattress topper

Is great quality sleep and the ability to prolong the life of a mattress a good thing?

You'd get the same answers if you asked the question - "are bamboo mattress toppers good?"

At the crux of it, bamboo mattress toppers are exactly the same as a regular mattress topper, but with some sneaky added benefits that only come from the presence of bamboo.

To answer this question properly, we first need to ask ourselves - what is a mattress topper?

From there, we can leverage that context to tell you all the wonderful things a they can bring to your life.

Let's get it!

What is a bamboo mattress topper?

What are the best bamboo mattress toppers

Reckon the devil is in the detail?

We think so. A bamboo mattress topper is a removable layer of material that sits on top of your existing mattress, providing extra support and cushioning for optimal comfort.

Whether you want a little extra support or aren't quite ready to purchase an entirely new mattress, a mattress topper offers extra cushioning that can help with pressure relief and prolong the life of an existing mattress.

A bamboo mattress topper is simply a topper with an ultra soft bamboo fabric cover which offers extra breathability without compromising on comfort.

So with that out of the way...

So what makes them so good as a topper?

Bamboo mattress pads, bamboo mattress pad

We've probably already answered without doing it directly, so at the risk of sounding too forthright - yes, bamboo mattress toppers are very good.

To explain why, let's do one of our favourite past times here on the snooze journal - a quickfire Q&A!

How long do they last?

How long your topper lasts will ultimately depend on how well you maintain it.

WebMD recommends doing this regularly, in much the same way you maintain other elements of your bedding like quilts and pillows.

Cleaning the removable bamboo case once a month will enable your bamboo mattress topper to last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Can they help create better support?

Absolutely a mattress topper can!

Whether you need to make your soft mattress firmer or your firm mattress softer, there are bamboo mattress toppers available for either scenario.

Can they help to extend the life of a current mattress?

Good mattress topper

Again, certainly!

One of the most common reasons people purchase a quality mattress topper is to rejuvenate and extend the life of old, worn out mattresses.

Which is fantastic because it means less mattresses in landfill! 

If you do need to throw out an old mattress or mattress topper, try a business like Soft Landing to ensure you dispose of it an environmentally conscious way.

Do they help with mattress protection?

As an extra layer of material that sits on top of a current or "old mattress", mattress toppers are in a sense, a thicker more comfy version of a mattress protector.

So yes, they can help protect your mattress, and make it a hell of a lot easier to clean any spills or stains that may come from chilling in bed on a lazy Sunday.

Are they cooling?

Not a mattress pad

In our opinion this is one of the coolest elements of our toppers (pardon the terrible pun!)

The bamboo fibres used to make bamboo fabric for mattress toppers have this innate ability to provide unrivalled body temperature control, so they keep you warm in winter but more importantly - have uncanny cooling abilities for the warmer and often prolonged Australian summers!

The reason for this lies in the natural fibres from organic bamboo, which deliver perfect insulation for your body regardless of the time of year and weather conditions.

We break this topic down further in our blog "Are bamboo mattress toppers hot?".

Can they help with back support and pressure points?

You may have noticed a running theme to these answers but to keep it professional, the answer is again, yes!

If you struggle with back pain and maintaining a healthy sleeping position during the night, a bamboo topper can help to provide a firmer footing for your back to rest on.

Can they come made from memory foam?

You know it!

Funnily enough, our toppers are made with 5cm of cloud-like memory foam encased in a removable bamboo cover - great for support, easy to clean and offers extra breathability for cooling in those hot months.

Can they help with allergies?

One of the coolest elements of bamboo products made from bamboo fabric is their hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties that are enabled by moisture-wicking capabilities.

Excess moisture build-up throughout the night can lead to dust mite infestation, which is a no-no for those of you with allergies.

But bamboo bedding products are dust mite resistant because of the moisture wicking, meaning more quality sleep and less dust mites!

What makes bamboo a good material for a topper?

Best bamboo mattress topper is made from bamboo


We're probably just repeating ourselves at this point but to conclude with an unarguable list of why bamboo is good for mattress toppers, check this out:

  • They offer an extra cover to further protect the longevity of a memory foam topper
  • They deliver superior breathability for a better nights sleep all year round
  • Bamboo is eco-friendly and a much better option for the environment compared to cotton toppers and other mattress toppers
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic



Memory foam mattress topper

They're pretty good right!?

Hopefully you've now got a much clearer understanding of the benefits a bamboo mattress topper can offer.

Whether you're looking for a more comfortable night's sleep, want to extend the life of an ordinary mattress, or just want your bedding to be made from a sustainable material, the best mattress toppers have a bamboo cover filled with joy!


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