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Packed with flair and aesthetic design, reusable straws are the perfect eco-friendly choice for any cold beverage.

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Ecoy's range of reusable straws are made of sustainably sourced, 100% organic bamboo. Bamboo straws are our top choice compared to stainless steel straws or silicone straws as they require the least carbon and energy demands to produce.

#stopsucking plastic straws

"It's only one straw" said 7.6 billion people. We've all heard it before. People mistakingly think that individual actions do not impact climate change. When we zoom out and observe consumption habits across Australia and the global population, we can see how challenging the situation is to tackle. Take one small action for earth and give plastic straws the kick by swapping to reusable straws.


Reusables straws, particularly the drinking straws made from bamboo, are minimalistic and organic looking. Score style points with your friends when out and about sippin' on all that goodness!

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Safe sips

Plastic straws are made of polypropylene, a type of plastic made from petroleum. While approved by the TGA, there is potential for these straws to leach chemicals into your drink. Play it safe and switch to reusable straws.


Coming in a 5 pack with a cleaning brush and with an organic cotton carry pouch, you can carry your reusable straws anywhere. The carry pouch fits conveniently in your handbag or backpack.

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Reusable drinking straws

With more plastic predicted to be in the ocean than fish by 2050, every item in our throwaway culture needs to be rethought. Reusable drinking straws are environmentally friendly because they're resource light to manufacture, can biodegrade or be recycled and finally, can be reused hundreds of times.


The Ecoy difference

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Customers across Australia can smile with carbon neutral shipping that is free on orders over $50.

$1 donated locally per sale

We donate one dollar from every sale to support three Australian charities focused on the environment. 

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Something wrong with your reusable straw or not what you expected? We'll refund all orders within 100 days.

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Supporting Australia and our planet

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Our business values

At Ecoy, we believe in giving back. For every sale that is generated from our products, $1 is donated to three Australian charities. You can read more about us and our impact here.

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Choose the planet first. Make an impact!

Swapping to an eco-friendly reusable straw is a fantastic decision for you and the environment. Ecoy considers bamboo the best straw to pick. Ecoy carries a range of stock outside of drinking straws which are also focused on helping the planet. Minimise your footprint and play your part in combating climate change.

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Buy from a local and sustainable business

Ecoy is based in Brisbane, Australia. By choosing us as your preferred eco shop, you're looking after your oral hygiene and supporting positive change. We started our journey with toothbrushes but have dreams much larger. By supporting us, you're supporting a local Australian business with aspirations to eliminate single-use plastic and champion a zero waste lifestyle