Mattress Sizes Explained

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Up until this point, throughout our journey into everything bedding we've managed to avoid the elephant in the room, but no longer!

Choosing your mattress size is an incredibly important decision because, well, let's face it, your mattress is the king, queen (pardon the pun), and all other forms of royalty when it comes to your bedroom.

Without sounding too dramatic, achieving a good night's sleep very much hinges on you having the right-sized mattress to accommodate both your size, and your preferred sleep style.

So without further ado, let's find you the perfect sized mattress to send you into dreamland!

Table of contents

  1. What are the mattress sizes in Australia?
  2. How can I extend the life of my mattress?
  3. Happy sleeping!

What are the mattress sizes in Australia?

Queen size mattress

Whether you need a new mattress for your kids, are moving into a cramped university-living arrangement, want more space from your forever tossing and turning partner, or are exceptionally tall, you can find a mattress size to match.

In Australia, we commonly have seven different types of mattress:

  • Single
  • Single XL
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Super King

Let's dive into their respective mattress dimensions and the types of sleepers they're best suited to.

Note: dimensions can vary ever so slightly depending on the manufacturer. For the purpose of this journal entry, our advised dimensions come courtesy of Wikipedia.

Single mattress

Single mattress

An Australian single mattress comes in at 92cm wide and 188cm long.

But don't think because of it's limited dimensions that it's use-cases are also limited.

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, single mattresses are the perfect sleeping companion for toddlers, children and teenagers (although your teenager will say otherwise).

They're also really handy to have in tight spaces such as an apartment, dorm, or studio.

A single mattress is perfect for hostels, school camp facilities, and other forms of accommodation that cater to large groups, quality bamboo sheets permitting of course!

Single XL mattress

Long single mattress

A single XL or long single as they're also known are 92cm wide and 203cm long.

With an extra 15cm of length, this type of mattress calls out to the tall people in your life.

Think of a long single if you've got a fast-growing child and want some extra bang for your buck.

Fun fact: two single XL mattresses together make the same dimensions as that of a king size mattress (which we'll get to in a bit if you don't want to crunch the numbers right now).

So with that in mind, if you've got a holiday home or run an Airbnb, to cover all bases consider two single xl mattresses as great options for your guest rooms.

King Single mattress

King singles

If you're in the market for a king single mattress, their dimensions come in at 107cm wide and 203cm long.

A king single is both wider and longer than a standard Australian single.

On top of being perfect for older children, the extra size also opens the floor up for adults that may be short of floorspace or simply don't see the need for something larger.

Double mattress

Double size mattress

A standard double mattress is 138cm wide and 188cm long.

One of the most versatile mattresses on the market, a double bed can comfortably sleep two adults.

For those with pesky teenagers demanding more space, a double size mattress is the perfect compromise over something larger.

Of course, a double bed is also ideal for small guest rooms, adults with limited space, and even children if space is in abundance!

Queen mattress

Queen size mattress

Australian queen mattresses are 153cm wide and 203cm long.

Here's a fun fact, queen size mattresses are without doubt the most commonly used mattress size in Australia - 61% of us rest on one every night! We can also vouch for this stat, as queen is the most common size mattress topper and bed sheets we currently range at Ecoy!

With that in mind, a queen bed is the perfect couples companion!

But not only that, they're great for people who like to roll around in their sleep without the risk of falling out!

King mattress

King single size mattress

If you want a king size bed, you'll need to accommodate for 183cm of width and 203cm of length.

That's a whopping 30cm of extra width compared to a queen!

Although the name says it all, they're not just for kings. Apparently some 21% of Aussies choose to sleep on a king mattress.

Aside from the flex of showing off a king size bed, what do they really offer?

Well, extra space primarily, but if you have young kids or furry friends that like to join you throughout the night, a king mattress is perfect!

And with such a large investment, a mattress protector is the ideal addition to keep it fresh for as long as possible.

Super King mattress

Super king mattress

We've reached the end of the line!

If a super king size mattress is what you're after, then you'd be interested to know they are 204cm wide and 204cm long.

Talk about luxury right!?

Although they're clearly not for everybody, if you've got the space and want the largest mattress possible, a super king size is what you'll be putting your hard earned cash towards.

How can I extend the life of my mattress?

Have you just purchased a new mattress and want to know the best way to preserve your investment? Get a nice waterproof mattress protector that will bounce off any liquids or spills. Check out our recent post answering the question "what is a mattress protector?"

Or perhaps you have an aging mattress but want to hold out a little while longer before purchasing a new one? We recommend topping up (excuse the pun) with a mattress topper. Again, we wrote about this too in a post answering "what is a mattress topper?".

Happy sleeping!

We hope this journal was as informative for you to read as it was for us to write!

In our opinion, the right bedding is absolutely paramount to getting the right type of sleep for both mind and body.

And if a bedding revamp is on your to-do list, explore our collection.