3 Ways You Can Soften a Mattress

3 Ways You Can Soften a Mattress

Let’s get real: nothing’s worse than tossing and turning throughout the night because your mattress is too firm. Regardless of how perfect a sleep environment you’ve created, it feels unimaginable to get through the night without your mattress giving you trouble. Not just that, both overly firm or soft mattresses can lead to poor alignment that may also lead to disrupted sleep.

Luckily, there is no room to worry, as you can make a mattress softer or firmer by following a few simple steps. After covering how to solve the opposite problem - how to make a soft mattress firm - today we’ll talk about how to soften up a mattress with a few simple methods.

A brand new mattress might require a certain break-in period while your old one might just need a proper foundation to feel softer, but both cases have a solution.

Why Is My Mattress So Hard & How to Soften It?

The most common reason for having too firm a mattress is its newness.

Buying a new mattress has lots of benefits, but it does require a break-in period before your body fully adjusts to the shape and the mattress adjusts to your body.

With constant usage, this period usually lasts for up to a month, but there is a way to break in the bed faster. How? Make it a habit to lounge, roll, or walk across its surface for at least ten minutes every day.

How Can I Make My Existing Mattress Softer? 

There are a few steps that you can follow in order to make your firm mattress softer. 

Warm Up the Room

When placed under pressure and heat, memory foam mattresses mold around the natural shape of your body for increased support and pressure relief. Body heat is not the only thing that can make your mattresses feel softer, as adjusting a higher room temperature will do the same trick. This is a result of the foam’s sensitivity to heat in general, which makes the material contour to the sleeper’s body curves throughout the night. 

Use Mattress Topper

Supposing you can’t go through the break-in period, there is a quicker option to make a mattress feel softer - using a mattress topper. By supplementing your overly firm mattress with an extra layer for support and cushioning, you can enhance contouring and pressure point relief.

Even though there are lots of choices in an oversaturated market, and you can consider different mattress toppers in a range of firmness levels, the most sought-after nowadays are the memory foam toppers.

Make sure not to confuse mattress toppers with mattress pads, as these terms are sometimes used synonymously by most mattress companies. While the mattress pad serves as a protective layer that shields your mattress from spillages, dust mites, and sweat, you can also use it as an extra support layer.

Use a Foundation 

Did you know that a proper foundation can make your bed more comfortable? 

Using a box spring beneath a memory foam mattress can make it feel firmer while using a solid foundation, adjustable base, or platform bed can contribute to a softer mattress. 

This means that box springs go hand in hand with innerspring mattresses and platform beds or solid foundations with latex, memory foam, or hybrids.

How to Choose an Ideal Mattress Firmness Level 

What firmness level that will best suit your needs depends on your preferred sleeping position(s). 

Back sleepers, for instance, should strive for a firmer (or medium-firm) mattress because it allows equal distribution of their body weight across the bed. When it comes to side sleepers, on the other hand, they would be more comfortable in a softer bed as it will help them keep their spine properly supported. Stomach sleepers normally require a firmer mattress (firm or medium firm) so they can avoid difficulties with breathing and pain at the pressure points.

Soften Your Mattress, Improve Your Sleep Quality 

Depending on what kind of sleeper you are, you might need a mattress with a different level of firmness. 

Nonetheless - we can all agree that both too firm a mattress or a sagging mattress can interfere with our overall sleep health. As you probably have difficulties due to an overly firm mattress, we suggest you follow the methods we provided you to make your bed feel softer.