Can You Wash Bamboo Quilt Covers?

Can You Wash Bamboo Quilt Covers?

Super comfortable, light, and airy, bamboo quilt covers are literally a dream to sleep on and with. Whether you're a hot or cold sleeper, it doesn't matter, the quilt cover will ensure you always get a good night's sleep.

But are bamboo quilt covers just as dreamy when it comes to washing?

My answer is yes, yes they are, and here I'm going to tell you about the best method of keeping bamboo bedding nice and tidy!

Can You Wash Your Bamboo Quilt Cover at Home?

A lot of people are afraid that by tossing their bamboo bedding into the machine they'll ruin them. But, it all depends on the program you use.

For bamboo sheets, and especially the bamboo quilt, when using the washing machine it's best to use a gentle cycle and cold water. If you want to use the dryer also, make sure it's on the lowest heat setting.

Extra tips for better care of your bamboo quilt if you opt for machine wash:

  • When you're putting the quilt or the bamboo bedding in the machine, make sure it's not folded up or too crumpled. Spread it out as much as you can;

  • Use a smaller amount of mild detergent (preferably a more natural, organic one). Using a fabric softener is not really recommended as it can often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the materials. Whatever you do, don't use bleach!

  • Make sure there is some room left inside the washing machine. A machine that is too full can tear and damage the fabric that is inside of it.

  • Read the washing instructions carefully. Some manufacturers don't recommend machine washing of bamboo sheets and quilts at all.

Washing Bamboo Quilt Covers by Hand

If you want to be extra careful and ensure that your bamboo quilt and sheets are being maintained in the best way possible when you're at home, then you can wash them by hand.

Follow these steps for easy and mess-free washing:

  1. Make sure the tub in which you're going to clean the quilt is clean. Pour lukewarm or cold water inside of it.

  2. Get a mild, if possible - natural detergent, and mix it in the water. Use a liquid detergent, because they're less harsh on the fabric. Again, don't use a fabric softener, bleach, or detergents that contain optical brightening agents - all of these are bad for gentler materials and natural fibres.

  3. Okay, now is the time to put the quilt in the water. Don't squeeze it or twist it too much. Try to agitate it gently so you can remove any unwanted dirt from it*.

  4. Now empty the tub, so you can let the dirty water out. Rinse the quilt with fresh water, and repeat this process until there is no more detergent left on it.

  5. With gentle squeezes by rolling it from end to end (and no wringing!) take out any remaining water from the quilt.

*If you have any harsh stains on it, it's best to try and take them out separately before you begin with the hand washing.

Drying Your Bamboo Quilt and Bamboo Sheets

Air drying is another way to ensure your bamboo bed sheets are getting the care they deserve. As I mentioned earlier, you can also use machine drying, and put it on the lowest heat setting, but it's best to do it naturally.

Air drying is especially important when there is a square and a rounded line inside of it in the care instructions. This means that you should line-dry the quilt.

Now, the natural drying process doesn't mean that you should expose your quilt to direct sunlight. Why so? Well, direct sunlight can speed up the process of degradation of materials and can make the colour of your quilt and bedding fade faster.

So, the best way to dry bamboo sheets naturally is to put them out of direct sunlight but in a dry, bright, and breezy place that doesn't retain too much moisture.

Can You Iron Your Bamboo Quilt Cover?

Yes and no. We recommend you don't to get the greatest longevity out of your quilt cover. If you must, the key is to keep the temperatures of the iron as low as possible and not to overdo it. Otherwise, you can burn or yellow your bedding.


Cleaning your bamboo quilt and sheets isn't as complicated as it may sound at first. However, before doing it, you should always consult the manufacturer's care instructions.

That way you can make sure your lovely bamboo bedding will last for a long time and keep you comfortable night after night.