August 18, 2021

Can You Put a Mattress Topper on a Memory Foam Mattress?

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The short answer is yes. You can put a mattress topper on top of a memory foam mattress to adjust your sleeping environment to your liking.

The question comes up quite often amongst owners of memory foam mattresses. It may seem like adding an extra layer on top of the mattress is counter productive though it really depends on the situation. Often the decision is based around softening up a mattress that is too firm.

However, if the topper you choose is too soft, it could overcorrect the issue. It really does depend on comfort preferences.

Let's dig into using mattress toppers with memory foam mattresses.

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Benefits of adding a mattress topper to your memory foam mattress

Sleep cool

Heat retention is a problem with memory foam mattresses, and adding an additional layer to absorb the heat can help you sleep much cooler through the night.

Comfort level

Some people prefer to sleep on an extra soft mattress, and putting a mattress topper on top of your existing memory foam-based one will provide just that extra level of "ahhhh" as you sink into your bed.

Avoid sinking

You can also use a mattress topper on your memory foam mattress if you don't like the feeling of sinking into the bed too much.

Hybrid mattresses provide great pressure relief, but sometimes they sink in so far that you feel trapped by them and unable to roll over easily.

Adding a firmer mattress topper will raise you to sit up a bit more and allow you to move around a bit more easily.

Disadvantages to adding a mattress topper to your memory foam mattress

Defeats the point of memory foam

If you put a mattress topper over your foam mattress (that isn't foam) then you will lose the effect of the memory foam moulding to your body.

Adding a memory foam topper onto your memory foam mattress works. Adding a different type of topper with memory foam defeats the point.

There really isn't any major downsides as it comes down to personal preference. We simply believe that if you don't like the memory foam feeling then selling the mattress and starting over is the best solution.

However if you are looking to adjust your sleeping experience to be slightly softer, we recommend using a memory foam topper to adjust depth and/or softness.

Final takeaway

Adding a mattress topper to your memory foam mattress is a great way to get the feel you want.

We recommend using a mattress topper with a memory foam core as opposed to any other material for maximum comfort and experience.

Avoid putting any other type of topper onto your memory foam mattress because this defeats the point of having a sleeping surface that moulds to your body.

Unless you've had an epiphany. and no longer desire foam of course.

Alternatively, if you aren't happy with your mattress altogether you can read our blog on how people use their mattress topper as a mattress.

We've also unpacked the answer to the question  'What is a mattress topper?' if you're looking for more reading on the topic.



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