Are Bamboo Mattress Toppers Hot?

Woman in bed with bamboo mattress topper

The benefits of a mattress topper are aplenty.

They can prolong the life of an old, dilapidated mattress, they can help to make your mattress softer or firmer depending on your needs, they make it easier to keep your mattress clean, the list goes on!

But, do they make you hot throughout the night?

We've all been there (especially here in Australia) at some point - it's a hot summers night, you're trying to sleep, the fan is pointed directly at your face but you just can't stop the sweats.

You doze off every now and then, only to wake up in a bigger and more icky pile of sweat than before.

So could a bamboo mattress topper help to alleviate those dreaded night sweats?

Let's find out!

Will a bamboo mattress topper make you hot?

Bamboo bedding products

If the question was referring to a mattress topper other than bamboo than potentially yes.

But in answer to the bamboo-related question...nope!

Mattress toppers made with bamboo (and any other bamboo bedding product for that matter) are well known for their ability to keep you cool during the night.

There's essentially two main reasons for this - let us explain.

Bamboo provides fantastic insulation for your body

Man not sleeping on a zen bamboo mattress pad

The bamboo fabric used to make covers for mattress toppers has this innate ability to provide fantastic body temperature control.

So it's perfect for keeping you warm in winter but more importantly - cool in summer.

The natural fibres from organic bamboo provide perfect insulation for your body whether it's warm or cool, no matter what time of year.

Bamboo is incredibly breathable

Best bamboo mattress toppers

The second element to the bamboo cooling phenomenon lies in the ability of bamboo fibers to provide exceptional breathability.

The high breathability of bamboo toppers means sleeping on them in summer is a breeze - literally.

So if you're a hot sleeper and searching for a solution to the never-ending frustration, a mattress topper with a bamboo cover might be right up your alley.

Additionally, the high breathability makes a bamboo mattress topper the perfect foil for people who also struggle with night sweats.

On top of the cooling nature of bamboo helping you sweat less in general, the sweat that you do produce quickly evaporates thanks to bamboo's moisture-wicking capabilities!

Are mattress toppers the same as mattress pads?

Bamboo mattress pads, bamboo mattress pads

Let us preface this by saying you will see people on the internet use mattress toppers and mattress pads as interchangeable terms.

They're not really the same though.

Mattress pads are more like a protector than a topper.

Reason being, most bamboo mattress pads offer a thin layer of protective material that sits on top of your mattress to protect it from moisture, dust mites and body oils.

A topper on the other hand, exists to provide cushioning and support.

If you're looking for added comfort and natural cooling capabilities, a mattress pad might not fulfil your expectations.

What types of bamboo toppers are there?

memory foam mattress topper with bamboo cover

From what we can gather, there are two types of bamboo mattress toppers out there.

  1. Memory foam toppers with bamboo cover - perfect if you want the memory foam feel with moderate cooling for an all-year round topper.
  2. Bamboo charcoal-infused toppers - better suited to those who want the memory foam feel but would prefer to avoid the body temperature control, delivering a touch more cooling.


What is the best mattress topper in Australia?

Memory foam topper

Mind the shameless sales element to this, but according to Best Mattress, our bamboo mattress topper is without the doubt the best they've tried to date!

Our topper is made from 5cm of cloud-like memory foam encased in a removable bamboo fabric cover delivering unrivalled comfort and breathability at an affordable price.

Not only that, we also provide:

  • Free shipping Australia wide
  • Money back guarantee
  • We donate 1 percent of all sales towards protecting the planet


Just remember, to keep your topper in immaculate condition and extend it's overall lifespan, WebMD recommends cleaning it regularly.

You can learn how to wash a mattress topper here.


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