How to Look After Your Bamboo Straws

How to Look After Your Bamboo Straws - Ecoy

So, you’re now sippin’ sustainably with your trendy new bamboo straws. Good moves.

They’re pretty awesome and will last approximately a year if you clean and take care of them properly.

Here’s how you can take care of them properly in 6 steps:

1. Rinse your bamboo straws after each use

Use warm water under a sink.

Cheeky eco-friendly tip, put a bucket or cup under the stream of water and use this for your indoor plants or outdoor garden.

2. Use a cleaning brush to scrub inside the straw

Most bamboo straw sets come with a cleaning brush which you can use to easily scrub the inside of your straw.

3. Wash with hot water and vinegar every 12 uses

This helps reduce any lingering flavours after your delightful iced coffee or fruit juice.

If you can taste any unwanted flavours after washing, definitely use hot water and vinegar sooner.

A long soak in warm water is extremely effective.

Note: your straws should never affect the taste of a drink and any discolouration or continued change in taste, you should replace your straws.

4. Dry bamboo straws in an upright position

Allow all water to drain out before next using your bamboo straws.

Make sure they are vertical to avoid prolonged drying times.

A good dish drainer should do the job.

5. Use coconut oil to keep straws happy

Coconut oil helps preserve the organic look of your bamboo straws and can be used every now and then for a touch up.

It’s kind of like polishing your leather shoes! 

6. Use a cotton carry bag while on-the-go

You don't want to carry your straws loosely in your bag as they might run into dust or clash with something else you're carrying. 

It's best to store them on-the-go in a cotton bag or similar. 

These are better than glass jars or air-tight containers because some air flow is still able to get into the bag between the draw-strings. 

Ready to jump on the bamboo straw movement?

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