Silk Floss
Silk Floss
Silk Floss


Silk Floss

Biodegradable floss made from 100% mulberry silk.

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"The floss works nicely between my teeth and I'll be back for more. Glad I got a refillable glass container."

Matt P.


Healthy gums

Silk floss is designed to remove food particles and bacterial plaque so that your gums stay healthy. Daily flossing is the key to brighter and happier teeth.

Dad and son flossing with silk dental floss
Silk dental floss and toothpaste


Flossing for better health

Regular flossing gives you the opportunity to examine your mouth for any swelling or redness at your tongue and gums. Spotting signs of redness or lesions can be a leading indicator for cancers and health issues. Flossing will help you stay on top of your oral hygiene.

Fresh breath

Removing small particles of food that get stuck between your teeth and around your gums can be tricky for a toothbrush. Left too long, these unchecked food particles collect bacteria which can cause bad breath. Brushing and flossing daily is your best weapon against bad breath.

Man with silk dental floss

FAQ - silk floss

The Ecoy difference


Free shipping above $50

Customers across Australia can smile with carbon neutral shipping that is free on orders over $50.


Money back guarantee

Something wrong with your silk dental floss or not what you expected? We'll refund all orders within 30 days.


1% for the planet

Ecoy donates 1% of sales towards protecting our planet. Giving back is part of our mantra.

Supporting Australia and our planet

Man holding bamboo

Our business values

At Ecoy, we believe in giving back. For every sale that is generated from our products, $1 is donated to three Australian charities. You can read more about us and our impact here.

Beach Australia

Floss that works for earth

Using silk floss regularly is great for your oral hygiene and the planet. At Ecoy, we feel that we all need to make choices that support sustainability.

Cliffs Australia

Buy from a local and sustainable business

Ecoy is based in Brisbane, Australia. We pour over every detail of our manufacturing to ensure that practices are ethical and eco-friendly. Support a local Australian business with aspirations to give back to our community.

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Silk Floss
Silk Floss
Silk Floss

Silk Floss


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Yura Totsuka

The silk floss is excellent, and it has not broken once, even though my teeth are really tightly packed. I had tried a few corn based biodegradable floss before but they all broke and got stuck between my teeth. Not this one - highly recommended for those with small gaps between teeth!

Thanks for the 5 star review, Yura!

Jennifer Roya
Brilliant Idea

Who would have known there was such a great alternative to tooth floss? I’m so happy I found this. Works great and comes in a lovely glass container. Just perfect!


Very good could be a little thicker

Dwayne L.
Good product

Arrived fast and I like using the silk floss especially compared to plastic

Ali J.
Fast to receive, great quality

I'm very happy with my silk floss! Packaging is great. All made of cardboard. I've been looking for alternatives to plastic for awhile and I think this is it 😄