Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set
Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set
Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set


Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set

Our cutlery set is perfect for anywhere you go and anything you eat.

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"Ordered these and was instantly obsessed 💜"

Sahara J.


Stable to grip

Products made from bamboo benefit from the unique properties of the rock solid grass species. Did you know that the material is technically stronger than steel per square inch? As a result, your bamboo cutlery set will feel indestructible and stable to grip when you're munching down the next meal.

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Incredibly eco-friendly

Bamboo is a modern day hero when it comes to sustainability. The plant-like species is resource light to produce and requires no chemicals or pesticides to grow. Better yet, its ultra fast-growing which means harvesting cycles are relatively short. So many eco-friendly benefits!


Bye plastic cutlery

For every cutlery set out there, that's one less person buying single-use items. Over time and with enough adoption of environmentally friendly products from society, the pollution crisis will begin self-correcting.

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Odour resistant

Now you might be thinking, won't my cutlery get smelly over time? Nope! You'll be pleased to know bamboo contains a natural anti-bacterial and antifungal bio-agent. All you need to do is hand wash the cutlery with hot water and vinegar once a month and you'll have pristine, quality looking bamboo utensils.


The Ecoy difference


Free shipping above $50

Customers across Australia can smile with carbon neutral shipping that is free on orders over $50.


Money back guarantee

Something wrong with your cutlery set or not what you expected? We'll refund all orders within 30 days.


1% for the planet

Ecoy donates 1% of sales towards protecting our planet. Giving back is part of our mantra.

Supporting Australia and our planet

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Our business values

At Ecoy, we believe in giving back. For every sale that is generated from our products, $1 is donated to three Australian charities. You can read more about us and our impact here.

Bamboo cutlery set

Bamboo cutlery that works for earth

A reusable bamboo cutlery set will keep you covered when eating on-the-go or on your next big travel adventure. It'll also work for earth in terms of being reusable, biodegradable and resource-light to produce.

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Buy from a local and sustainable business

Ecoy is based in Brisbane, Australia. We pour over every detail of our manufacturing to ensure that practices are ethical and eco-friendly. Support a local Australian business with aspirations to give back to our community.

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How to care for your reusable cutlery set

Before first use

Each bamboo cutlery set is washed and dried before being packed though sometimes manufacturing residue can hang around. We always recommend boiling cutlery in water and vinegar before first use to wash away any unwanted aromas. The cutlery should be tasteless when chowing down on your next deliciously nutritious meal. To extend the life of the product, simply apply coconut oil to the cutlery set which is basically the same as how you would treat other household timber products.

Replace cutlery set annually

Because these little guys are made of an organic compound, it is recommended to replace your reusable bamboo cutlery set every 12 months. This is because they're more or less a natural material so won't last as long as something like stainless steel.

Hand washing bamboo cutlery

Hand washing your cutlery with warm soapy water works though make sure each fork, spoon, knife, chopstick and straw is thoroughly scrubbed. Your reusable cutlery set is dishwasher safe though this shouldn't be done every time as it can reduce the life of the product. So for that reason, we feel hand washing is always better.

End of life

One of the biggest environmentally friendly factors when it comes to our reusable bamboo cutlery set is the end of life process. When you feel the cutlery is no longer usable, say after a year or so, all you have to do is compost it! It'll take about a year to biodegrade with the right moisture and temperature. Awesome.

Customer Reviews

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Natasha Tjandra
Reusable Bamboo Cutlery

Good quality, loved the design and customer service is awesome.

Amazing! It was great dealing with you Natasha. Enjoy the set.

Amy C
Can't wait to use these on a picnic

Fast shipping and great product.

Justin Clarkson
Another one to add to my bamboo arsenal

I keep this in my car so that I can avoid using any single use cutlery when out and about.

Fast to arrive

Arrived to my Sydney address very quick and the cutlery set is exactly as the pictures show

Kate J.
Love the cutlery set

Enjoyed my Sunday picnic with a smoothie and nibbles. The cutlery set made it easy all round and I didn't have to feel guilty which normally happens when I use single use plastics. Def not going to anymore 🤗