Eco toothbrushes

Help un-plastic the planet, one toothbrush at a time

Our range of eco-friendly toothbrushes

Take a peep at our environmentally friendly toothbrushes made from sustainably sourced. Each toothbrush is eco-friendly, BPA-free and great for teeth cleaning and oral hygiene.

Why ditch plastic?

Australian's discard 30 million plastic toothbrushes every year which end up in landfills and pollute waterways, taking as long as 500 years to degrade. Yikes. Our throwaway culture has a mounting environmental cost that can be offset if we start making better decisions around consumption.

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Eco-friendly toothbrushes

Ecoy is based in Brisbane on the Aussie east coast. Our ambition is to do away with single-use plastics. But we also enjoy weekend getaways to the beach and explore our beautiful habitats just like you! 


The Ecoy difference

Free shipping above $50

Customers across Australia can smile with carbon neutral shipping that is free on orders over $50.

$1 donated locally per sale

We donate one dollar from every sale to support three Australian charities focused on the environment. 

Money back guarantee

Something wrong with your toothbrush or not what you expected? We'll refund all orders within 100 days.

Ecoy rewards program

Earn Ecoy points with every dollar spent! Tap into free shipping or discounts on your next order.

Supporting Australia and our planet

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Our business values

At Ecoy, we believe in giving back. For every sale that is generated from our products, $1 is donated to three Australian charities. You can read more about us  here.

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Choose the planet first. Make an impact!

Swapping to eco-friendly toothbrushes is a fantastic decision for you and the environment. It's time to ditch plastic toothbrushes. Ecoy carries a range of stock outside of toothbrushes which are also focused on helping the planet. Minimise your footprint and play your part in combating climate change.

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Buy from a local and sustainable business

Ecoy is based in Brisbane, Australia. By choosing us as your preferred eco shop, you're looking after your oral hygiene and supporting positive change. We started our journey with toothbrushes but have dreams much larger. By supporting us, you're supporting a local Australian business with aspirations to eliminate single-use plastic and champion a zero waste lifestyle.