How to Choose the Thickness of your Mattress Topper

Right mattress topper

To live a healthy and functioning life, good sleep is paramount.

All too often, however, we hear stories of people struggling to find the right combination of bedding equipment.

The perfect sleep shouldn't be elusive, you just need the right mix of bedding!

Did you know mattresses are one of the biggest culprits of a poor nights sleep? Yep, it makes sense though, being the centrepiece of the bedding puzzle and all.

Whether your mattress is getting old, is too firm, is too soft, or you struggle to regulate temperature to your liking, a mattress topper can help.

But how thick should a mattress topper be? Let's find out!

Table of contents

  1. What is a mattress topper?
  2. How thick should a mattress topper be?
  3. What are the thickness options for mattress toppers?
  4. What materials are used to make mattress toppers?
  5. What to consider when choosing a topper
  6. We recommend a memory foam mattress topper
  7. Still not sure?

What is a mattress topper?

Mattress topper thickness

A mattress topper is pretty much what you would expect from the name - it's a removable later that sits on TOP of your existing mattress, adding extra support and cushioning for optimal comfort.

We've actually already answered this question in some detail in a recent write-up: what is a mattress topper?.

Go and check it out when you get the chance. In it we explore everything from the key benefits right through to how a mattress topper is different from a mattress pad.

How thick should a mattress topper be?

In much the same vein as every other element of the bedding puzzle, a mattress topper's ideal thickness will depend on two things:

  1. The state and age of your mattress
  2. Your own personal sleeping preferences

For example, if you're purchasing a mattress topper to prolong the life of your current mattress then the thicker the better, because you're probably dealing with a sagging mattress.

On the flip, if your mattress is a new purchase than you probably won't need something too thick, because the integrity of the mattress is yet to be compromised.

Additionally, you need to consider your own preferences.

For example, if you prefer a firm surface or prefer to sleep on your front/belly then you will most likely prefer a thinner topper.

On the other hand, if you prefer to sleep on your side or back then a medium to high thickness level should be more to your liking.

What are the thickness options for mattress toppers?

Thickness options can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. So for the purpose of this blog we're going to sit on the fence and outline three common thicknesses you should be able to find regardless of locale or provider.

  • 2-Inch
  • 3-Inch
  • 4-Inch

Two inch mattress topper

A two inch topper is well-suited to new mattresses because it only provides a small amount of additional comfort.

They also work with mattresses that still hold true to their firmness, and are popular with belly and back sleepers.

Three inch mattress topper

As the middle sibling of these three thicknesses, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's forgotten.

Far from it though! Three inch toppers are the perfect solution if you're unsure of what to get. Our toppers at Ecoy are three inches!

Three inch mattress toppers deliver a worthy amount of support and comfort for all sleep types, and as a topper with more thickness than the two inch, it's suited to slightly older mattresses that might need a helping hand.

Four inch mattress topper

As the thickest of the three options, four inch toppers can help to prolong the life of an aging and derelict mattress, and keep you undisturbed if you happen to sleep with a fidgety partner.

But not only that, with support and comfort to spare, four inch mattress toppers are the perfect companion for sleepers with ongoing or chronic pain.

So, if you tend to suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain and desperately want some relief, a 4 inch mattress topper might be your best bet.

What materials are used to make mattress toppers?

Having already discussed what types of mattress toppers there are, we won't go overboard here, but it is important to know that materials can vary greatly and regardless of what you're looking for, there is something for you!

Just to be quick, there are several types of fillings commonly used:

  • Latex topper
  • Cotton toppers
  • Feather topper
  • Memory Foam topper
  • Polyester topper
  • Wool mattress topper

Follow the above hyperlink to learn each material's pros and cons!

What to consider when choosing a topper

Who doesn't love getting out the pad and pen when weighing up what to buy!?

There's a number of things you should consider before diving into a new mattress topper. Below are several questions to help you identify the topper best suited to your needs.

  • How much are you willing to spend? The thicker the topper, the more you will pay. Moreover, the more lucrative the material you choose, the more you will pay.
  • Is pain relief your main reason for buying a topper? If it is than once again, the thicker the better!
  • Are you looking for extra comfort? Topper's made from wool and down are softer than other materials such as memory foam and latex (scroll down for more on materials).
  • Do you want to reduce the distractive movements of your partner? Go with a thicker option and potentially look into memory foam and latex toppers for ultimate noise reduction.
  • Do you get hot during the night? If body heat is an issue, than you would be more suited to a thinner topper not made from materials that like to retain heat (memory foam and latex).
  • Are allergies a continual challenge for you? Although thickness is not an issue on this front, the type of material is. Memory foam and latex are great options for reducing allergens as they are hypoallergenic!
  • How easy will it be to clean? As we've outlined previously, it's important to wash your bedding at least once a week, so the easier your topper is to wash (ideally machine washable), the better your bedding is going to be.

We recommend a memory foam mattress topper

Memory foam mattresses

Made from polyurethane with chemically enhanced density, memory foam toppers come in all the aforementioned thicknesses and offer you an array of benefits, including:

  • Contouring for improved neck, shoulder and back support
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial meaning it's perfect for keeping mould, bacteria, dust mites and other distasteful things out of your bedding
  • Cushioning and support and for improved spinal alignment
  • Helps to relieve pressure points
  • Durability that delivers great bang for buck
  • Easy to maintain and wash

Take note: It's not just memory foam toppers either, you can also get memory foam pillows! To learn more, check out our recent post: what is a memory foam pillow?.

Still not sure?

Then maybe you should sleep on it!

No no no, all bad jokes and puns aside, hopefully you have a better understanding of the different topper thicknesses on the market.

There are few things sweeter than a good nights sleep, and here at Ecoy we take pride in helping people achieve just that, only more often and better than ever.

Happy sleeping!


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