March 30, 2021

Buying Guide to Bamboo Socks

It's not just just any sock that deserves to be in your top drawer. Every style and colour has to work with your lifestyle, fashion sense and budget. Our guide will help you understand every option on the bamboo socks front so that you can make best decision and keep your feet happy!

Table of contents


Best bamboo socks for men

Best bamboo socks for women

Why bamboo fabric is perfect

Choosing the right colour

Wrapping up

Best bamboo socks for men

Hiking socks

The great outdoors requires great socks. Hiking socks are designed to tackle anything a giant mountain or hiking trail throws at you. Reinforced heels, extra cushion and a tonne of thickness should protect your feet during adventures. Our hiking socks tick the mentioned boxes and as a nice little side perk, are highly suited to being used as cosy winter socks during the colder seasons. More or less, hiking socks are the thick bamboo version of wool socks!

Sports socks

Maintaining an active lifestyle is unquestionably healthy but can also be highly demanding on your feet. You need sports socks that are durable, lightweight and breathable. Our men's bamboo sports socks have been carefully designed for the athlete's foot. Every pair features cross-sections of bamboo fibre which are filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, unlocking a level of breathability that no other material can compete with. The bamboo fabric is impressively moisture wicking too, allowing you to keep your feet relatively dry after throwing around a barbell. They're also perfect running socks!

Business socks

Office life is an enjoyable grind for so many of us working in city skyscrapers and the various commercial premises dotted around the country. We often walk to and from work, to public transport to meetings and to lunch. Business socks should be durable enough to handle these steps while playing their role as dress socks. Our business socks ship in pairs and are crafted from premium bamboo and feel crazy soft with a seamless toe to further boost comfort. Choose from timeless colours and pull of a minimalist look with black, grey and blue colour options.

Work socks

Extra thick work socks are your ally when it comes to landscaping, renovating, mowing the lawn and tackling pretty much any other laborious task. Hard yakka demands the right work sock to cushion and protect your feet. Made from 100% organic bamboo fibre, work socks are equally as comfortable as they are functional. Expect to get the absolute best out of this bamboo sock.

Ankle socks

Ankle socks are tried and true. Useful for leisure, useful for active lifestyles, useful for anything! These socks really are versatile. And just wait until you experience ankle socks made from bamboo. Ah, they're super soft and really do encapsulate a premium feel which is achieved through the silk-like material and classic cut. Our men's bamboo ankle socks embrace a balanced fabric blend of viscose bamboo, nylon and elastane, allowing for heightened comfort. These are bamboo socks for men that work in pretty much any environment!

Hidden/invisible socks

Hidden socks (sometimes called invisible socks) are inconspicuous, comfortable and ultra breathable. You won't even notice they're on and we think that's the point. Perfect for casual and sneaker wear when you want the focus to be on showing off your wheels. Bamboo no show socks also fall into the super soft category and in terms of quality are far superior to any cotton socks that are out there. Bamboo is naturally odour resistant and hypoallergenic as it contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent. When you're on the hunt for hidden socks, make sure to look out for a silicon heel grip to keep you from sliding around in your shoe.

Best bamboo socks for women

Everyday socks

Everyday socks are the reliable pair that you can slip into pretty much daily. They're akin to crew socks in terms of the cut though are relatively thin. Like all the types of socks mentioned in this guide, our everyday socks are made from premium bamboo. Women can accomplish any task in these adaptable, minimalistic looking socks. Bamboo's secret sauce is its thermoregulating properties, keeping you cool in summer and cosy in winter. Another neat feature related to bamboo products, particularly bamboo clothing, is the moisture-wicking ability. This is because bamboo fibres contain micro-gaps which effectively pull moisture away from the body.


One does not always want to show off ze sock. When the show is a no go, all you need is a sockette. The ultra-low cut and ultra-thin design is deceptively comfortable for such a small design. Your skin won't irritate due to the hypoallergenic nature of bamboo sockettes and don't expect to slip any time soon with a reliable silicon heel grip. Our bamboo sockettes have your feet covered. 

Ankle socks

Your feet do a lotta moving! Treat feet properly, during all exercises and activities, with our adaptable women's bamboo ankle socks. With a low cut just above the ankle for chafing and blistering protection, you'll have enough sock to conquer today's to-do list. The organically-grown bamboo feels incredibly soft on your skin and is equally as healthy for it too with the material promoting blood circulation. Podiatrists will often recommend bamboo socks to diabetics for this reason.

Bed socks

On a blistering cold winter night, the last thing you want is cold feet. Whether you're by the fireplace crisping up or tucking into a cosy bed, bed socks are ideal. They are much thicker by design with some retailers going as far to call them "chunky". Grab yourself a pair and level up your comfort. Bed socks boast all the same features that come with bamboo socks, namely their breathability, moisture-wicking and unbeatably soft fabric.

Sports socks

Durability meats supreme comfort when it comes to bamboo sports socks designed for women. Sports socks typically have extra cushion built-in with reinforced toe construction. Many also contain a silicon grip or ankle tab which helps with grip and anti-slip. You'll definitely kick ass at pilates, in the gym, during a run, or even when you're cruising around in activewear on a Sunday. Not only are sports socks durable but they're also highly breathable and conveniently moisture-wicking. Quite the sock!

Hiking socks

People love getting outside and exploring nature and for good reason. Scaling beautiful mountainsides and venturing through winding hiking trails is highly enjoyable. Though the last thing you want is sore feet while hiking! Hedge your bets with a good pair of hiking socks. Crafted from organically grown bamboo and designed with extra thickness, bamboo hiking socks are a harmonious balance of ruggedised and maximised comfort. Benefit from reinforced toe construction and socks made from a fabric that naturally promotes blood circulation and odour resistant features.

Why bamboo fabric is perfect for socks (and feet)

Bamboo forestry

Men and women across the world are swapping to bamboo socks en masse due to the wonderful combination of impressive health benefits and heightened comfort. Wearing a bamboo sock is like jumping into a silky, super soft cloud. Bamboo is eco-friendly and one of the best options available for environmentally conscious people who are still chasing a quality sock.

We've covered several properties unique to bamboo fabric in this buying guide which are highly impressive. Topping the list of features is bamboo's hypoallergenic properties, meaning sensitive skin is less prone to skin irritations due to a naturally occurring anti-bacterial and antifungal bio-agent.

Up next is the comfort conversation. Bamboo clothing naturally feels like silk and its bloody great! Backed up by thermo regulating properties, bamboo socks do an excellent job at keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Touching on the eco-friendly aspects, bamboo as a material requires little to no chemicals to grow and can be harvested without uprooting the plant. The plant-like species also grows up to 1 metre during peak growth. Finally, you can compost bamboo products at end of life. These factors all contribute to creating the best bamboo socks possible.

At Ecoy, our bamboo socks are made from a blend of bamboo viscose, elastane and nylon. We produce our socks (and bamboo underwear) by dissolving bamboo wood chips in a chemical solution containing sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid and carbon disulphide. Any chemicals used are recycled in a closed-loop manufacturing method. This process produces a bamboo viscose wood pulp substance.

The pulp is then spun into bamboo fibres which then be configured into fabric and used to make bamboo clothing. Side note, we chose bamboo viscose over bamboo rayon as a production method due to the slightly better environmentally friendly advantages in favour of viscose.

It's still not the perfect method and we are working hard on introducing newer, more eco-friendly methods to Ecoy (watch this space). After all is said and done, we pack everything into a recycled cardboard box and ship it out!

If you're interested in becoming more environmentally conscious, have a read of these 100 eco tips

Choosing the right colour socks

We take a simple view towards choosing the right colours for socks, recommending most men and women out there to go with a monochromatic colour palette. We feel this approach is timeless and adaptable, as single colour socks tend to work well with almost any outfit. Ecoy bamboo socks are predominantly shades of grey, blue, white and black. Though we are slowly rolling in more colour types for our amazing customers.

Wrapping up

Several brands are moving to stock bamboo socks as consumers move away from mindless consumption and start giving more weight to the products they choose. Bamboo is a top choice for most due to the extensive list of pros for the fabric. Bamboo socks are crazy soft, highly sustainable compared to popular materials like organic cotton, and have several unique health properties. Better for your skin, better for you. Grab yourself a pair of bamboo socks today.